Sudzy Dog Grooming

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Premier Grooms

Premier Grooms include a shampoo .We use the best shampoo for your pet.We express the anal glands during the shampoo .We blow dryer your pet with a high velocity dryer.We do a brush out before being cut.We cut your pet to your specifications.We include a nail trim .Our groomers when meet with you to discuss the style and length of cut. We finish with cologne.

Small $45-$55   Medium $55-$65   Large $65-$75  Giant $75-$95  Double Coat $100-$150

Sanitary Groom

Sanitary Grooms include a shampoo.We use the best shampoo for your pet.We express anal glands during bath.We then blow dry your pet with a high velocity dryer.Your pet gets a brush out before cut.We trim your pet feet and pads,clean up private area and clean up between eyes. We include a nail trim.We finish with cologne. Please note for  Sanitary grooms there is an additional charge of $10.00 for Poodle clean face and feet .Other additional charges for de-matting and de-shedding may apply. sanitary is not a full groom.
Sanitary Groom Prices

Large $55-$65

Giant $65$-75

                                                                  Double coated breeds $85-$95